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Abstract Group brings systems thinking to complex brand, product, and revenue problems for pre-IPO technology companies.

R&D is not GTM

For fast-moving companies, problems aren't neatly tied to org structure. Meaningful solutions often require collaboration between product, marketing, and sales. Great companies win by nailing R&D and GTM.

We shorten the distance from problems → results

Impact by your next QBR

Market conditions and technology change fast, and our values align with your speed. We aim to address problems as quickly as possible and work alongside you to deeply understand your business.

Operational excellence, on tap

Stop punting your most daunting problems. We help shorten the path from 0 to 1—or 1 to 10. You get the dedicated support of seasoned, proven leaders who tap into decades of tech and finance experience.

Ambitions into revenue

Answers don’t just come in the form of strategy decks and memos. We’ve found the best work comes from rolling up our sleeves, asking the right questions, and forcing the right decisions.

Services we offer

We have packages as a starting point, but we also design engagements that work best for you.

Project Based

Tactical sprints

We identify the jobs-to-be-done that stand in the way of your goals. We research, ask difficult questions, and identify solutions.

  • Nail your product launch

  • Build an enduring brand

  • Create a messaging map

  • Design a GTM strategy

Dune case study →

Advisory Only

Operators on demand

We are aligned with your speed and provide real-time advice, guidance, and feedback when you need it most: now.

  • Refine board decks and fundraising materials

  • Strategize for your fundraising

  • Help with hiring and recruiting

  • Quick takes on deals, messaging, and pitching

Synktrato case study →


Tiger teams for the unpredictable

We can help create custom playbooks, frameworks, and processes for a company going through any type of transition—good or bad.

  • Product launch playbooks

  • Rebranding

  • Hiring and org design

  • Pricing and packaging

  • Lead qualification and sales strategy

  • Developer brand and experience

Saaf case study →

One-off Workshops

Workshops that don’t suck

We deliver lively, interactive talks at your team offsite or education programming.

  • Craft a successful GTM strategy as a founder

  • Employ best practices for cross-functional teams

  • Seamlessly move from product building to revenue generation

  • Create enduring brand value vs. growth at all costs

  • Build an obsessive, loyal developer following

  • Identify your ICP to drive early-stage success

Get in touch →

Get in touch if you're...

A Startup

  • We help you understand what needs to be true for your next milestone, and how to get there efficiently

  • We create playbooks and roadmaps to reach your metrics goals

  • We lift the hood to look at analytics, UX, and revenue numbers and give you a strategy for how to improve

An Investor

  • We can lead workshops for founders and portcos who are looking to get unblocked

  • We can act as your “operating arm,” advising founders and portcos who need practical—but ambitious—experience to get them to the next level

An Enterprise

  • We can create programs to help teams “act like a startup” for organizations focusing on getting leaner and faster

  • We can help innovation teams reimagine how to build iteratively, passionately—and fast

We are seasoned, product-first leaders with an appetite for solving hard problems, fast.

As previous leaders at Stripe, Google, and Uber, we’ve seen everything because we’ve lived everything as operators and advisors: from two-person startups, to complex unicorns, to established enterprises—and every pivot imaginable.

Dave Nuñez

Dave is a well-known tech veteran, holding leadership positions as an early engineering and product hire at Uber and Stripe. In 2021, he co-authored Docs for Developers to help engineers become better writers. Dave is a people, product, and technology leader who builds high-performing teams that ship what customers need.

Emily Vernon

Emily helps companies of all shapes and sizes create enduring, differentiated value through marketing, brand, and creative. She has two decades of experience—most recently at Stripe—leading the Brand Marketing team, events, and programs. Before Stripe, she spent six years at Google leading creative and marketing teams both in B2C and B2B.

Kanan Kapadia

Kanan is a 20 year sales leader who has cultivated the GTM function across diverse product lines, spanning the fintech industry and global markets. As a former leader on Wall Street and at Stripe, she has deep experience in complex financial markets coupled with sharp instincts for identifying revenue potential.

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