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Abstract Group is a comprehensive advisory firm for high-growth technology companies, with industry-leading go-to-market expertise across product building, marketing, revenue, and content strategy.

A new playbook is being written

Technical innovation is evolving faster than ever. But humans are still the ones buying and using your products. We help monetize great technology through world-class product building and go-to-market support.

Aspirations → real world results

Turn research into product

Find PMF in the hardest places

Monetize your tech at scale

Services we offer

We have packages as a starting point, but we also design engagements that work best for you.

Unlimited advisory hours

We are aligned with your speed and provide real-time advice, guidance, and feedback when you need it most: now.

  • Refine sales collateral

  • Strategize for your fundraising

  • Nail hiring and recruiting

  • Get real-time feedback on potential deals, messaging, or new features

Saaf case study →

From idea to launch

Ideal for projects spanning 6–12 weeks. Best for high-flying companies looking for PMF, or who need to scale.

  • Design, prototype, ship, and iterate

  • Launch a new product without stealing resources away from your core functions

  • Shore up your GTM motion

  • Build customer-driven products and solutions
Synktrato case study →

GTM as a service

Best for ongoing workstreams or long-term bets. Great for technologists who want a GTM masterclass on-the-fly.

  • Get end-to-end product launch support

  • Turn great technology into a great business

  • Craft world-class branding

  • Fix an underperforming part of your business

Dune case study →

Build your own engagement

We can help create custom playbooks, frameworks, and processes for a company going through any type of transition—good or bad.

  • Get custom-designed workshops

  • Leverage AI within your operations

  • X-ray your business and get unstuck

  • Build an enduring developer experience

Get in touch →

Get in touch if...

You're building

  • We help founders, researchers, and scientists understand what needs to be true for your next milestone, and how to get there efficiently.

  • The traditional SaaS playbook is dead. We craft definitive guidance to help you expertly monetize complex technology and multimodal products.

  • We lift the hood on your analytics, user experience, and revenue numbers to create a strategy for how you can improve.

You invest

  • We lead instant-impact workshops for founders and portcos who are looking for tactical, hands-on advice.

  • We can act as your “operating arm,” advising founders and portcos who need practical—but ambitious—experience to get to the next level.

You're an Enterprise

  • We help innovative teams reimagine how to build AI into their roadmaps iteratively and effectively—fast.

  • We help larger organizations supercharge their operations with AI-powered tools and solutions.

We are seasoned, product-first leaders with an appetite for solving hard problems, fast.

As previous leaders at Stripe, Uber, and Dropbox, we’ve seen everything because we’ve lived everything as operators and advisors: from two-person startups, to complex unicorns, to established enterprises—and every pivot imaginable.

Dave Nuñez

Dave is a people, product, and developer education leader who builds high-performing teams that ship what customers need. Dave has held leadership positions as an early employee at Uber and Stripe. In 2021, he co-authored Docs for Developers to help engineers become better writers. He has worked with or invested in elite AI companies, with a focus on GTM and developer education.

Kanan Kapadia

Kanan is a 20 year sales leader who has cultivated the GTM function across diverse product lines, spanning the fintech industry and global markets. As a former leader on Wall Street and at Stripe, she has deep experience in complex financial markets coupled with sharp instincts for identifying revenue potential.

Brett Schuenemann

Brett is a seasoned product executive who's built and launched products to millions of users at iconic companies like Salesforce and Dropbox. He has navigated the real-world constraints of implementing AI at enterprise scale at Dropbox—including launching Dropbox’s AI video editing and collaboration product, as well as embedding AI across Dropbox's core product.

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