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Abstract Group is a modern advisory firm that works alongside leaders and investors to rigorously accelerate revenue. 

Blurred lines = unrealized revenue

For fast-moving, ambitious companies, problems aren't neatly tied to org structure. Meaningful solutions often require collaboration between product, marketing, revenue, and more.

Bring the fuzziness into focus

Impact by your next QBR

Market conditions and technology change fast, and our values align with your speed: we want to address problems as quickly as possible and work alongside your teams to deeply understand your business.

Operational excellence, on tap

Stop punting your most daunting problems. We help shorten the path from 0 to 1—or 1 to 10. You get the dedicated support of seasoned, proven leaders who tap into decades of tech and finance experience.

Turn ambitions into revenue

Answers don’t just come in the form of strategy decks and memos. We’ve found the best work comes from rolling up our sleeves, asking the right questions, and forcing the right decisions.

Services we offer

We specialize in partnering with private equity and venture capital firms, or directly with ambitious companies who have lofty goals. If software is a core component of your mission and you have the autonomy to make meaningful change, we can help.

GTM advisory

Our best work is done side-by-side with founders and executives—untangling the knot between orgs, and deciphering signals from noise—to build a reliable go-to-market engine.

Creative, actionable playbooks

We don’t pull things off the shelf—we’ll help you write your next playbook in real time. We take an honest look at your specific business needs and shine a light on the path forward.

Goals into reality

We work fast to help you shorten the path to your next milestone—whether it's getting to the next round of fundraising, launching a new product, or reaching a new revenue goal.

Level up your team

Complex problems can't be solved with newsletters and blog posts alone. We bring decades of operating experience to help your team jump a level through practical education, like workshops and coaching.

We are seasoned, product-first leaders with an appetite for solving hard problems, fast.

As previous leaders at Stripe, Google, and Uber, we found that the only way to get game-changing results is to embrace collaboration across the org—whether it’s launching a new business line, shipping a killer product, or reaching a new revenue goal. We have a proven track record of abstracting away complexity and driving growth.

Dave Nuñez

Dave is a well-known tech veteran, holding leadership positions as an early engineering and product hire at Uber and Stripe. In 2021, he co-authored Docs for Developers to help engineers become better writers. Dave is a people, product, and technology leader who builds high-performing teams that ship what customers need.

Emily Vernon

Marketing & Brand
Emily helps companies of all shapes and sizes create enduring, differentiated value through marketing, brand, and creative. She has two decades of experience—most recently at Stripe—leading the Brand Marketing team, events, and programs. Before Stripe, she spent six years at Google leading creative and marketing teams both in B2C and B2B.

Kanan Kapadia

Kanan is a 20 year sales leader who has cultivated the GTM function across diverse product lines, spanning the fintech industry and global markets. As a former leader on Wall Street and at Stripe, she has deep experience in complex financial markets coupled with sharp instincts for identifying revenue potential.

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve seen everything because we’ve lived everything as operators and advisors: from two-person startups, to complex unicorns, to established enterprises—and every pivot imaginable.

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