"We have had a great experience working with the Abstract Group. The team is very detail oriented and spent time understanding Saaf's market and challenges instead of providing generic advice. They worked closely with us in fine tuning the GTM, which has helped accelerate our enterprise sales process."

Ritvik Singh

Founder and CEO of Saaf

AI-powered mortgage operations company sought to solidify their GTM strategy and positioning. Saaf empowers your operations with accurate, structured source of truth mortgage loan data. Abstract Group partnered with the founder to create a marketing, sales, and product strategy to increase visibility and traction for their SaaS product.

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Services used

On-demand advisory, Brand strategy, Fundraising strategy


Saaf, the pioneering AI-powered platform for mortgage loan operations, sought On-Demand Advisory from Abstract Group to refine their GTM strategy and market positioning in preparation for an upcoming fundraise.


In a competitive fundraising environment, Saaf wanted to couple its product strength with a compelling GTM strategy that would resonate with potential investors. The key challenges included clarity in value proposition and positioning demonstrating that their GTM strategy would result in a scalable and sustainable business model.


Abstract Group collaborated closely with Saaf's founder to address these challenges and refine an existing investor pitch deck.

Abstract impact


Refined GTM positioning for fundraising materials


On-demand workshop to discuss performance, deals, messaging, pitching


Slide-by-slide feedback and specific pitching advice


Warm introductions to top-tier investors
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